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More Cheats
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Free Furni:

To get as much furni as you want go to and login as your v-ego, and go to your room. Then in another window, go to Sign-up for a free account. Then in your mailbox at hot mail press control+n. This will open up another page exactly alike the hotmail box. In the new window of hotmail go to Register another name under the e-mail address you just registered. Receive your 5000 decis in the mail in your hotmail box, then take the poll. Now don't click GO NOW! button, that will refresh the page that you're in as yourself and exit it. instead copy and paste this into the search bar, in the new v-ego window, or just click this: Then as the new person go to your original v-ego's room. Then buy what you want and trade it over to you v-ego. This is a great way to get furni (I use it all the time). Also, you can repeat it as many times as you like!!! ENJOY!


There is a way to curse in ANY room and not get the "blah" message. Simply hold alt then press 0160 then type the curse word. This works for any word except for the f-word. To say the the f-word, hold alt then press 159. It will come up with this, "ƒ" then just type "uck". Oh, and dont use it as much as you want, you still get in trouble for it, and get banned like normal.


Here is a cool thing to do, just for fun, no other reason. Okay, when you are in a room, place a square object down such as a seperator, light cube, etc. Then place an object you can sit on, on top of it. Then the chair or sofa will be on top of the square object. Now click on the seat. You will be sitting on the seat on top of the object. Then click on the object below the seat and move it. You will now be sitting on a floating chair. Now click off somewhere so you fall. Then Click on the chair and when you sit back down, move the chair. You will then be standing in still air. COOL!!!


To flood search shortkeys lite at CLick the first link then download the 1st version(.exe file). Then once you download and install it, read the help and instructions section. It pretty self-explanitory after that. Anyway, make the hotkey something like 123. Then in the chat box in coke, press 123 and do send and it will type out your message. I use this all the time, i have 13 shortkeys. Mine are:



asdf= p2s, rev or kik??

po= 111 If ur coming to my room!!


mn= COME TO nickthedj for a great ff game!!pize is  4 TATS!! Value estimated at a total of 40000 decis!!!!!  111=coming  222=not coming  HURRY  BEFORE ITS FULL!!!!!


gh= for making my hotmail accounts!

vb= PRESS 111 then offer me for my rice wall!!!



Well, good luck getting poeple to respond to them in a room! 

Type your title here.

Cloning (making yourself not furni) -

1. Open 2 windows both in cokemusic (not coke studios)

2.Login in the first account and go to your room

3. Login with the second account and type  in the URL bar and go to the room. open more windows at first to get more clone.

(Simple as 1, 2, 3 dont u think?)



Permanent Un-Ban -

(Warning this will change your I.P. address (Internet Protocol) to make sure nothing harmful is done to your computer we strongly suggest writing down your I.P. Address before doing this.)

Step 1. Unplug anything that connets you to internet if you have a LAN (Local Area Network) connection there will be a hub somewhere in your house un-plug the cable wire that connects you (Usually identified by the color wire that is plugged into our computer)

Step 2. Shut down for 30 - 45 minutes (This allows erases any previous or temporary memory on your computer)

Step 3. Reboot your computer and your computer should have a new I.P. Address.

Windows XP Permanent Un-Ban -

(Warning this will change your I.P. address (Internet Protocol) to make sure nothing harmful is done to your computer we strongly suggest writing down your I.P. Address before doing this.)

Step 1.  Go to the "Start" menu and click the button "Run" type in "IPconfig.exe" or "Ipconfig"

Step 2. A .bat or MSDOS program should appear (Its a box with a black screen and commands) Type in IPconfig/Release and hit enter. Wait until it has released your IP type in IPconfig to make sure your IP is erased
Example (For LAN connection):
Before IPconfig/Release
After IPconfig/Release

Step 3. Type IPconfig/renew in the box and your new IP should appear.

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coke music rocks!