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i rock on coke add me 21jaco21

of this please download the unistall utility here .

WARNING - All cheats are done at users risks and if cheats are abused they will face consquences according to CMCF terms and conditions.
ATTENTION - Sorry you must be a member to ask questions about cheats, Help, Programs and all other material listed on this site.
Cloning in V-ego San-

1. Go in 4 accounts

2. Go in V-ego San in one of the accounts

3. In the other windows, type in the URL box

4. Go to the same room to play against yourself. Win on your main account, since you know your own moves.

5. Win the furni!!!

NOTE- It's a good idea to wait for the maximum capacity to get  higher



Free Furniture -

1. Open 3 windows in the first 2 windows go to cokemusic (do not log in), in the 3rd window go to hotmail or yahoo.

2. Make an account a hotmail/yahoo (free account) and go to inbox.

3. Login in the first window and go to your room.

4. In the second window make a new account. (make sure when it asks for e-mail make it the e-mail you just made)

5. now collect the 5,000 deci and type in the URL box hit enter then go to the room of your main account buy what u like and trade with your main account.

6. Repeat step 2-5 for as much furni as you want

7. Have fun!


Play song twice in public place-

After a song is over, wait a while untill the text goes away, then click under yourself!

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coke music rocks!