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coke music cheats
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Coke music cheats


Unlimeted Furni!! (under 2000 decibels)

All you have to do is know someone in real life who has cokemusic and your set. what you do is have your regualr file but then make another file and collect the decebels from your e-mail and from the survey when you buy the stuff trade it 2 ur friend (Make sure they are your frined in real life or else som 1 u dont know mite scam you) then u go back on your regualr file and your friend trades it back to you. Keep doin this and you'll be Rich!!!

Easy Sumo Winning:

All you have to do is go on a bunch of accounts in the same room and keep fighting your self bit for the files after the first 1 you type in instead of clicking the link thingie on the site.

~!{NEW}!~Go on two files at once!!:

for a long tme the URL of coke studios was lost but now it has finally been found it is very long but all u have 2 do is go on 1 file regualrly then open a new window and sign in on a differnt account then u type in this URL
and ur set!! (Althogh this wont work when Cokestudios is ful

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coke music rocks!